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Winslow High School 2017/2018 preview
Girls Basketball
2016/2017: 17-3
info provided by coach Lindsey Withee

  • Strengths
    Athletic & quick
  • Biggest challenges
  • Key Players/newcomers

Winslow graduated two seniors last year, and fields a team of 15 (whole program).

Key players: Sarah Guimond, Madison Roy, Haley Ward, Broghan Gagnon, Alexa Petrovic, Paige Trask, Weslee Littlefield, Maeghan Bernard, Silver Clukey

Newcomer: Freshman, Bodhi Littlfield.

  • Schedule: With a new schedule, Winslow will face tough competition from new comers; Foxcroft, Orono, Oceanside. MCI, Skowhegan, Waterville, and Lawrence, will continue to be tough. The Black Raiders open the season at home at Mount View.

Live Audio

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Greenville at PCHS  GB- 4:55 PM
Greenville at PCHS BB- 6:25 PM

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