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The Celtics are continuing to play strong throughout the beginning of their season. Their recent wins against the Pacers, the 76ers, the Suns, and the Bucks have all been relatively close games. The Celtics starters and bench have come up big late in the game in order to get the wins. Kyrie Irving, who is averaging 23.5 points a game, continues to be a strong dominate force on the court and a team leader. Averaging over 10 points a game is Jaylen Brown (14.8), Jayson Tatum (13.9), and Marcus Morris (12.6). All of these units working together make the Celtics almost unbeatable.

The only game the Celtics lost this past week was to the Pistons 118-108. In this game, fortunately, Marcus Smart came up big and scored 23 points and broke out of a tough stretch he was in. The Celtics are special this year because they are able to take a tough loss and turn around and come out with a win in the next game.

The schedule for the upcoming week or so is as follows:

12/6- vs. Mavericks

12/8-vs. Spurs

12/10-vs. Pistons

12/11-vs. Bulls

12/13-vs. Nuggets

12/15-vs. Jazz

12/16-vs. Grizzlies

Tune in to these upcoming games to see the unity and teamwork we have seen all season, demonstrated by the Celtics.

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