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The Eastern Maine crew is split on six games with their NFL picks in week 13. They picked the Packers, Bills, Titans, Chargers, and Patriots as unanimous winners. Jeff Hoak is 121-71 overall and one game ahead of Marc Calnan. Anthony DelMonaco is five games behind Hoak, while Chris Lessner is eight games behind the leader. Below is who the crew picked in the week 13 games.


Thursday, December 7th

  • Saints at Falcons
    Saints- Anthony, Jeff
    Falcons- Marc, Chris

Sunday, December 10th

  • Seahawks at Jaguars
    Seahawks-Anthony, Chris
    Jaguars- Marc, Jeff
  • Vikings at Panthers
    Vikings- Marc, Anthony,Jeff
    Panthers- Chris
  • Bears at Bengals
    Bears- Anthony
    Bengals- Marc, Jeff, Chris
  • Packers at Browns
    Packers- Marc, Anthony, Jeff, Chris
  • Niners at Texans
    Niners-Anthony, Jeff
    Texans- Marc, Chris
  • Lions at Buccaneers
    Lions- Marc, Anthony, Jeff
    Buccaneers- Chris
  • Colts at Bills
    Bills- Marc, Anthony, Jeff, Chris
  • Raiders at Chiefs
    Raiders- Marc, Anthony, Jeff
    Chiefs- Chris
  • Jets at Broncos
    Jets- Jeff, Chris
    Broncos- Marc, Anthony
  • Titans at Cardinals
    Titans- Marc, Anthony, Jeff, Chris
  • Redskins at Chargers
    Chargers- Marc, Anthony, Jeff, Chris
  • Cowboys at Giants
    Cowboys- Marc, Anthony, Jeff
    Giants- Chris
  • Eagles at Rams
    Eagles- Anthony, Chris
    Rams- Marc, Jeff
  • Ravens at Steelers
    Ravens- Jeff, Chris
    Steelers-Marc, Anthony

Monday, December 11th

  • Patriots at Dolphins
    Patriots- Marc, Anthony, Jeff, Chris
  1. Jeff 12-4/121-71
  2. Marc 12-4/120-72
  3. Anthony 12-4/116-76
  4. Chris 13-3/113-79

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