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The Past Week: Celtics

The Celtics had an okay week going 3-2. The Celtics lost to the Spurs 105-102 and also lost to the Bulls 108-85. Those were two tough loses for the Celtics, but they also won three games, including against the Mavericks (97-90), the Pistons (91-81), the...
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Celtics Continue to Play Strong

The Celtics are continuing to play strong throughout the beginning of their season. Their recent wins against the Pacers, the 76ers, the Suns, and the Bucks have all been relatively close games. The Celtics starters and bench have come up big late in the game in...
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Celtics off to an Incredible Start

With the injury of Gordon Hayward in the season opener at Cleveland, no one expected the Celtics to go on a 13 game winning streak. But with the veteran Al Horford, the rookie Jayson Tatum, and the impressive performances from Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, and...
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Hartley’s (Newport)

The Charles Inn (Bangor)

Maine Athletic Fundraising

Vacationland Inn (Brewer)

Houlton girls soccer wins class C state title

Keenan Marseille (Hermon) and Marc Calnan

Adam Bertrand (MCI)

Marc Calnan and Kolleen Bouchard (Houlton)